Weaving Our Bonds of Affection

Our sacred thread, Spirit of the living God;

Your weaving connects us to our foremothers.

You are a never ending thread – past, present and future,

Women praying together in small groups are foundational to the church.

Weaver God you are the transformer of our togetherness.

With you among us

Our hearts are our homes

Our homes are our hearts.

In being bound together

the sacredness of God is found.

In being bound together

You are changed and I am changed.

We see everybody as a sister.

A weaving is made up of interlocking crosses.

Together our crosses bind us together

And make from us a useful object

For supporting life

And doing God’s work in the world.

The thread that never ends is LOVE.

Love is so often not part of public policy,

But it is the language of love that weaves us together.

Our discernment comes down to asking God

“Who do you want me to love?”

We are each unique creatures.

Woven together in love

We can do more than we can imagine.

We are invited to enter into prayer.

To pray is to love.

Betty Lane, SCHC

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