July 20, 2016

Help us remember the future, help us dream the future into becoming, knowing our oneness with all creation: every plant, animal and star. Help us all to come out of our old Newtonian-Cartesian paradigm of dualistic, reductionist thinking and extractive economy into the recognition that we and everything are all part of the 13.8 billion-year-old energy of the universe. Humans are  the conscious channel that has evolved to be able to love this creation in which every form of life is completely connected with every other form of life. Help us all remember the future and dream the future into becoming in peace, harmony, compassion, and social justice: that all life, every living creature, and creation may sustainably continue to have the opportunity to participate in this most difficult journey of life that is also the most sacred miracle we all have ever participated in.  Peace, love, and sustainability for all life.
Lynne Smith

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